Darin and The Machines

I walked into a meetup hosted by MJBA, a NY based Cannabis business association, right as a man was giving a passionate speech about bringing manufacturing back home to the United States.

The man, Darin Zoffoli, entered the cannabis industry with a purpose of helping his mom battle cancer. He was determined to make a device that would vaporize her Cannabinoid-based medicine. I happened to be standing right next to his mom as he spoke. She was exuberantly proud of her son and his vision.

Bringing that vision to life has been a challenging journey that often felt treacherous.
Given that Darin does not have a college degree, is not a trained engineer, designer, or machinist it was easy for established manufacturers to simply dismiss his vision and his designs as “impossible”. Manufacturing products from scratch; without funding and without experience is a rare story, indeed. Finding reliable, accountable people to help overcome “the impossible” lead to many frustrating dead-ends. Setback after setback brought extensive hardship to Darin and his family for the year that followed.

Unwavering dedication and persistence kept Darin working day and night on figuring out the software, refining and simplifying his designs, learning how to program and operate the machines, and then finally.. making parts. He amassed experience by doing it all himself.

Now, after the grueling year, his first masterpiece is complete. The most reliable portable vaporizer in the world. This elegant, mechanical device has no chips or wires and is built from 16 parts that can all be taken apart without the use of tools. It was created to last forever and you have the guarantee that it will.

Yet, this vaporizer is simply a launch of his vision to manufacture high quality, reliable products locally, creating thousands of well-paying jobs. Combining advanced machines, high grade materials, and simple design, new levels of quality standards will be set.

I envision this limitless man to someday join the list of The Men Who Built America. So far, the men on that list brought greatness to the United States through exploitation, fueled by greed. Darin’s goal is simply to bring the people an affordable abundance of the best products in conjunction with social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Darin understands that greed is unnecessary, as by doing business the right way there will be no shortage of the financial byproduct, profit. The sustainable manufacturing policy is not to let any byproducts go to waste, same applies to profit, which will be invested into creation of new opportunities for people and their local communities.

So what are Darin’s super powers?

Combining his determination with a highly tuned intuition and use of vivid visualization makes him unstoppable.

The key element of intuition is confidence in one self. By eliminating the fear of failure, Darin frees his mind from thoughts that are unnecessary distractions. He knows that in the worst case, if something fails, he will have to make an adjustment. Intuition is a muscle that you can train and fine-tune.

A lot of his success comes from within a visualization of the end result. By thinking of the product as already completed, he is then able to focus on developing the most efficient path to making it into a reality.

There will be a lot more to share about our world’s “Tony Stark”. My favorite¬†part is, Darin does not know comics and does not know¬†about Tony Stark.. he is simply Darin.

Darin’s journey will be a magnificent one, use it as an inspiration for yours.