An inspiring discovery with a few special ingredients

I’ve lived in South BK for 21 years, and know how jaded we are down here when it comes to Nightlife/Lounge Restaurants. Every year dozens of Clubs/Lounges open, close, re-open under different name and re-close. There have been some with decent food that was way overpriced.. nothing ever stood out.
On Saturday evening, I was fortunate to be invited to La Strega Restaurant & Lounge, Drinks and Dance with friends.
The Chef Nick Mascia’s menu was clearly a stand-out. Well thought through, unique combinations of high quality organic ingredients and grass-fed meats. A creative fusion inspired by Italian and Mediterranean recipes. His secret ingredient is Love. You will want to try everything on the menu.
Chef Nick’s brother and partner Phil Mascia, is the General Manager of La Strega. He makes sure that every patron is as happy as could be. As a talented mixologist, he has created a unique cocktail menu for everyone to enjoy. The hostess, the waitresses, the bartenders, the busboys, are all there to take care of you in every way they can.
The sound system is impressive and there is enough of a dancefloor to call it a nightclub.
I will be frequenting this place often. Looking forward to countless meals, drinks, and dances with friends. Cheers to La Strega and to those who make it as great as it is.