The beginning of the Hemp Renaissance

The Hemp Home: Tiny+ Kickstarter Campaign has come to an end and we are proud to have brought unprecedented attention to Hemp as a construction material.

An edit of our Kickstarter video made by Now This has over 8,200,000 views, over 26,000 Likes and 2,700 comments. Most impressively, over 128,000 people and organizations have shared this video, exemplifying a true sign of interest and dedication.

Update: An additional 19,000 shares and 9,000 likes from an August 15 repost of the video.

An edit by YOO has nearly 3,000,000 veiws and almost 80,000 shares.

Another edit, by David Wolfe, was also a hit with over 500,000 views and over 14,000 shares. Update: An additional 100,000 views and 5,000 shares on a repost of this video by Cannabis Evolution.

Here are some of the articles that featured our campaign:

This Startup’s Kickstarter is Celebrating Earth Week by Building (Literally) the Future by Jeremy Goldman in Ink. Magazine

The Tiny Hemp Home of Our Greenest Dreams is Here by Tafline Laylin in Inhabitat

High hopes for tiny house made from hemp by Adam Williams in Gizmag

Architects have high hopes for this Tiny+ home made out of hempcrete by Maria Mora in DigitalTrends

La mini casa a energia zero grazie ai mattoni di canapa in Rinnovabili

GreenBuilt, LLC intends to build Tiny+ and other visions of the Hemp home. We highly recommend signing up to one of their interactive Hemp building workshops this summer.

We have put this campaign together for GreenBuilt with zero budget, zero compensation, and limited control. It has been a grand challenge of our team’s endurance, and we are happy to have prevailed. We are proud to have enlightened the world on one special use of Hemp. Stay tuned and you will see how this plant will improve our health, bring prosperity to our local economies, and benefit our planet.

With love,



An inspiring discovery with a few special ingredients

I’ve lived in South BK for 21 years, and know how jaded we are down here when it comes to Nightlife/Lounge Restaurants. Every year dozens of Clubs/Lounges open, close, re-open under different name and re-close. There have been some with decent food that was way overpriced.. nothing ever stood out.
On Saturday evening, I was fortunate to be invited to La Strega Restaurant & Lounge, Drinks and Dance with friends.
The Chef Nick Mascia’s menu was clearly a stand-out. Well thought through, unique combinations of high quality organic ingredients and grass-fed meats. A creative fusion inspired by Italian and Mediterranean recipes. His secret ingredient is Love. You will want to try everything on the menu.
Chef Nick’s brother and partner Phil Mascia, is the General Manager of La Strega. He makes sure that every patron is as happy as could be. As a talented mixologist, he has created a unique cocktail menu for everyone to enjoy. The hostess, the waitresses, the bartenders, the busboys, are all there to take care of you in every way they can.
The sound system is impressive and there is enough of a dancefloor to call it a nightclub.
I will be frequenting this place often. Looking forward to countless meals, drinks, and dances with friends. Cheers to La Strega and to those who make it as great as it is.

Ayahuasca Mamancuna

I came into the ceremony with intention of putting away the noise and regaining clarity.

It was a much needed meditation.

There were 15 of us in a comfortable studio space in Lower East Side of Manhattan. The shaman, facing us as a beautiful multi-panel window was symmetrically behind his back. The lights went off and his ceremony began.

He performed traditional songs, called icaros, whistling, making unique sounds and gestures as each of us came to visit his post. We were presented with his special brew. It had a woodsy taste that I actually enjoyed.

Back on my mat, I relaxed and enjoyed the sounds. I laughed to myself “that’s my jam” as I realized that it only took moments for me to fall in love with each song he performed.

As some time passed, you could hear people begin to feel the brew. Sounds of nauseousness and angst began around the room. Serious internal struggles were taking place. It was clear that these people had a lot they needed to let go.. and they did.

The man on a mat next to mine became possessed by the demons within, as a 4 year long torment was coming to surface. This was his first ceremony and he was in for a special purge. Throwing up profusely he proceeded to lose control of his body. The shaman came to help with what resembled an exorcism.

The brew kicked in for me as well. A feeling of discomfort was present for a bit of time as my mind and body felt perplexed. I am fortunate not to have any traumatic experiences in my life that would require a purge, so I turned my focus on understanding the big picture, clarifying my present and visualizing my future. The path showed up so clearly that I had a challenging time containing my excitement. My body was grooving non-stop as I enjoyed every moment of the shaman’s night-long performance.

My key moment of enlightenment was realizing what was truly impacting me. It was not the brew, but rather two things; love and music. I had to break it down.

Love is the most powerful energy. The strongest bond. Yet, I often felt that loving everyone came at the expense of self. To correct that, love for others must be in good balance with love for self. Keeping the Ratio of Love equal to ONE, allows unlimited love.

The resonating rhythm of the songs and the frequencies in sound. I surrounded myself with talented musicians, even took part in events with names that spell out a clear message … I Feel the Ebb and Flow, a Resonating Momentum that I am Addicted to. Yet until that moment, I did not see it clearly. Music is the universal communication that binds us all. Danny Teneglia was right all along — Music is the answer.

I look forward to further exploring these concepts as the journey progresses.

For now, I danced all night on my mat with a big smile on my face. A great start.

Ayahuasca Mamancuna