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Introducing Lock & Key Remedies


After a few years of research and development, we are really excited to introduce you to our new line of Hemp Oils featuring non-psychoactive Cannabinoids and Terpenes! First, I would like to share with you some background of how and why these oils came about.


Three years ago, while embedded with a Medical Cannabis Radio Station in Denver for a week, I was exposed to countless heartfelt stories of Cannabis saving people’s lives. Having been dependent on anti-anxiety & antidepressant prescription drugs for 15 years, I felt empowered to give Cannabis a try and haven’t taken any pharmaceutical drugs since. Cannabis was my exit-drug.


The THC-dominant Cannabis varieties have the ability to alter a person’s mindset, which may be beneficial to people on occasion, but being an entrepreneur and a frequent driver, I found it challenging to medicate while maintaining required productivity. I began a quest to find the best non-psychoactive blend which could help people feel well, without risking impairment.


My partners and I studied the EndoCannabinoid System, the system of receptors that exists all throughout the body and regulates many of its important functions. The research helped us understand how this system is activated by organic compounds called Cannabinoids and Terpenes. There are 148 Cannabinoids and ~40,000 Terpenes discovered so far, allowing for virtually unlimited variations.


We founded Lock & Key Remedies, with the goal to set the highest standards in the development of plant-derived “keys” to unlocking our well-being.  


We will be sharing educational resources to explain the EndoCannabinoid System, Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and how they all intertwine synergistically.

Take a look at the Terpene Research Report (1st Edition), which we have compiled to be a guide in understanding the potential powers of each Terpene in our oils.  


As the Director of Education and Marketing, I am always glad to share the knowledge of how this all works and am available to meet with you in person. Email me a “Hello” with a date and time for us to get together. If you are unavailable to meet, let me know your shipping address and we will gladly mail you a free sample. The results will speak for themselves.

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Oleg MaryAces

Director of Education and Marketing


Z1 – The launch of a Made in USA Vaporizer

Nice Steams LLC, a Connecticut-based design and manufacturing company debuts its flagship product the Z1 vaporizer in partnership with the international retail chain, Beyond Vape. The announcement was made at Beyond Vape’s Barclays location in Brooklyn, which is the first store in their organization to carry this noteworthy product as it went on sale this morning. The Z1s will be featured in four additional Beyond Vape locations in New York and Beyond Vape Somerville in Massachusetts later today.

PNB Z1 Glam

The Z1 is a portable vaporizer for use with plant extracts offering an optimal heating system that accentuates the flavors. Designed in Brooklyn, manufactured in Connecticut and made from US-sourced stainless steel, it offers many features that differentiate it from all other vaporizers in the market including:

Fully mechanical device – no chips or wires
Long lasting porcelain heating element
Lifetime Warranty and US-based support
Precision machined parts with minimal variance
(2) 14500 900mAh rechargeable batteries
Tool-free easy cleaning
Full customization and unique engraving available

the Z1

“When we started Beyond Vape, we recognized a profound need in the industry for a comfortable place to locate the best collection of cutting-edge products and the corresponding expertise required to make sound decisions. We are thrilled to be working with Nice Steams on our new Z1 Vaporizer and to launch it at our New York and Massachusetts locations,” said David Cairy, Marketing Coordinator of Beyond Vape.

“We are very excited to dedicate our flagship product to our friends at Beyond Vape,” said Darin Zoffoli, the creator & manufacturer of the Z1 at Nice Steams. “It’s a special alignment of visions; combining a quality-focused product, the Z1, with a personalized customer experience that Beyond Vape is renowned for” said Oleg MaryAces of Magic Within Us, who started the project with Mr. Zoffoli and has been providing key connections, logistical support and feedback in the process of bringing this vaporizer to life.

Z1 (image 2)

The beginning of the Hemp Renaissance

The Hemp Home: Tiny+ Kickstarter Campaign has come to an end and we are proud to have brought unprecedented attention to Hemp as a construction material.

An edit of our Kickstarter video made by Now This has over 8,200,000 views, over 26,000 Likes and 2,700 comments. Most impressively, over 128,000 people and organizations have shared this video, exemplifying a true sign of interest and dedication.

Update: An additional 19,000 shares and 9,000 likes from an August 15 repost of the video.

An edit by YOO has nearly 3,000,000 veiws and almost 80,000 shares.

Another edit, by David Wolfe, was also a hit with over 500,000 views and over 14,000 shares. Update: An additional 100,000 views and 5,000 shares on a repost of this video by Cannabis Evolution.

Here are some of the articles that featured our campaign:

This Startup’s Kickstarter is Celebrating Earth Week by Building (Literally) the Future by Jeremy Goldman in Ink. Magazine

The Tiny Hemp Home of Our Greenest Dreams is Here by Tafline Laylin in Inhabitat

High hopes for tiny house made from hemp by Adam Williams in Gizmag

Architects have high hopes for this Tiny+ home made out of hempcrete by Maria Mora in DigitalTrends

La mini casa a energia zero grazie ai mattoni di canapa in Rinnovabili

GreenBuilt, LLC intends to build Tiny+ and other visions of the Hemp home. We highly recommend signing up to one of their interactive Hemp building workshops this summer.

We have put this campaign together for GreenBuilt with zero budget, zero compensation, and limited control. It has been a grand challenge of our team’s endurance, and we are happy to have prevailed. We are proud to have enlightened the world on one special use of Hemp. Stay tuned and you will see how this plant will improve our health, bring prosperity to our local economies, and benefit our planet.

With love,