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Launch of GreenBuilt HempHome: Tiny+ Kickstarter Campaign

It brings us great honor to announce the launch of this world changing campaign.

HempHome: Tiny+ is the next step in the evolution of how we live. Made out of Hempcrete, a mixture of Hemp and Lime, this home has special properties which improve our health and comfort, while having a positive impact on our planet.


Made from a plant and powered by the sun, this home will give individuals, families and communities Freedom from external powers: Independence – consistent with what the Founding Fathers envisioned.

Check out the Campaign Page!

This project will shed light on Hemp, one of the fastest growing plants on earth with countless uses. As the senseless Hemp prohibition comes to an end, this simple crop becomes a lucrative option for farmers struggling to make ends meet. Abandoned factories will have new life as processing facilities, creating quality jobs. With more rural opportunities, prosperity will return to Main Streets across the country, improving lives and the overall economy.


This 700 square-feet home is a start of a very big idea.

Be a part of this change! Help us raise funding and spread the word.

Make Tiny Big!

GreenBuilt HempHome: Tiny+ Kickstarter Campaign

HempNYCity making history at Cooper Union

I have been involved in the development of NY’s Hemp industry for almost two years; it is not easy to impress me with an event or a panel. Yet, I am still mesmerized by Part One of the Hemp NY City event put together by Mia Feroleto and Susie Cody last Saturday at the historic Cooper Union.
As I walked into The Great Hall, fashionably late, the event was already in progress, but instead of rushing to grab a seat, I was pulled in by a large American Flag that was laid out on a table not far from the entryway. I had to feel it! I knew it was made out of Hemp!
Eric Steenstra, Executive Director of the Hemp Industries Association, was giving a well rounded overview of the industry as it currently stands. I was very impressed by his involvement and relationships with local, state and federal officials spanning our whole nation. We felt a real sense of progress taking place.
Next spoke the pioneering Hemp Farmers, Joel Bedard of Vermont and later, Mike Lewis of Kentucky.
Joel shared stories of his perseverance and of breaking through nonsensical laws, to become the largest Hemp Farmer in the North East. Leading by example, he has been able to significantly influence Hemp reform in Vermont. His genuineness and sense of humor made the inspirational presentation a real treat.
Mike Lewis started off by quoting from a speech that Abraham Lincoln gave on the very same stage of The Great Hall. Mike, an honored veteran, is an experienced farmer who with his organization Growing Warriors trains, assists and equips veteran families with skills, tools, and supplies needed to grow high quality organic produce. His warm-hearted approach did not simplify his path of Hemp cultivation, as various agencies did their best to intimidate him from growing a crop which our Founding Fathers grew. It was his Hemp that The American Flag at the entry of The Great Hall was made of. Mike and his Hemp-Compatriots used the same method as Betsy Ross did when making the First American Flag, which was also made out of Hemp. It was no surprise that this flag had such authentic energy; a flag that was Grown and Made in the USA, as the Founding Fathers intended.
Jamie Petty, the founder of Indiana’s Hemp Industries Association, gave a fact-filled presentation that went over countless applications of this fast-growing plant and featured hundreds of products that improve our health and our planet.  She covered everything from essential nutrition, clothing, skin care, and even BMW door panels.
Finally, Tim Callahan gave his best-ever presentation during which he enlightened the audience about Hempcrete; a mold-resistant building material with high insulation properties that diminish the need for toxic materials currently used. Tim featured a very impressive montage of all the Hemp-based structures that he and his firm, Alembic Studio, have helped developed in the USA and abroad.  We are truly honored to be collaborating with Tim to build HempHome: Tiny+, a project by GreenBuilt LLC which we will unveil soon.
A great bonus was having Rick Trojan and The Hemp Road Trip Bus parked outside, in Cooper Square. Rick’s farm grows nearly 300 acres of Hemp in Colorado, making him the largest Hemp-Farm in the United States. He spends most of his time on the road with his dedicated Hemp-Compatriots, crossing the country, visiting presidential campaigns and raising Hemp-Awareness everywhere along the way. There are a lot of cool Hemp products to check out on that bus!
I highly recommend watching the recordings of this event. Let me know if interested and I will gladly link you once they are posted up on YouTube. For now, you can check out the pictures from the event by Todd Hinden and a few shots I took.
The audience was very enthusiastic and asked pertinent questions, yet the attendance at the event was too light, given the significance of this special plant. Thus, it is all of our responsibility to share this plant’s history and knowledge with everyone. It’s hard to imagine that the second panel, this upcoming Saturday, will be able to supersede the first, but I know minds will be blown. If you are in the City and available, come to Cooper Union. You will understand how Hemp will help our health, our economy and our planet.
You can get the event info at


An inspiring discovery with a few special ingredients

I’ve lived in South BK for 21 years, and know how jaded we are down here when it comes to Nightlife/Lounge Restaurants. Every year dozens of Clubs/Lounges open, close, re-open under different name and re-close. There have been some with decent food that was way overpriced.. nothing ever stood out.
On Saturday evening, I was fortunate to be invited to La Strega Restaurant & Lounge, Drinks and Dance with friends.
The Chef Nick Mascia’s menu was clearly a stand-out. Well thought through, unique combinations of high quality organic ingredients and grass-fed meats. A creative fusion inspired by Italian and Mediterranean recipes. His secret ingredient is Love. You will want to try everything on the menu.
Chef Nick’s brother and partner Phil Mascia, is the General Manager of La Strega. He makes sure that every patron is as happy as could be. As a talented mixologist, he has created a unique cocktail menu for everyone to enjoy. The hostess, the waitresses, the bartenders, the busboys, are all there to take care of you in every way they can.
The sound system is impressive and there is enough of a dancefloor to call it a nightclub.
I will be frequenting this place often. Looking forward to countless meals, drinks, and dances with friends. Cheers to La Strega and to those who make it as great as it is.

Freedom and Independence

“The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.”

Thomas Paine, one of our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, 239 years ago.
It is easy to be cynical and brush off USA as a broken system that is mismanaged by the government and manipulated by corporations. That is indeed true. Yet, it is a fertile ground for optimism.
Winning it’s independence from England was just the start of a long journey towards true Freedom and Independence. It took 87 years to free the slaves and another 102 year to end segregation; 143 years for women to have the right to vote; 148 years for America’s indigenous people to be granted citizenship; 239 years for same-sex marriage equality; and it will take still take a few more years to legalize cannabis and hemp.
The process of true change is slow. There are countless injustices still left to resolve. Yet, we are progressing! Now it is easier for us than ever before, to impact positive change by taking actions to improve our nation and our planet. Despite it’s cumbersome restrictions and limitations, we do have the ability to follow our passions, create our own lives and positively impact the lives of others. Our Founding Fathers will be proud to see that “Independence” is taking place on the most individual level, as thanks to advancements in technologies people will have options to go off the grid with sustainable systems and not rely on the government or corporations to maintain a happy, fulfilling life. For such opportunity, I am forever thankful to this nation and all the people who advanced our freedoms. We vow to continue the progress towards Utopian Freedom and Independence.

Happy Birthday USA!
One <3

Darin and The Machines

I walked into a meetup hosted by MJBA, a NY based Cannabis business association, right as a man was giving a passionate speech about bringing manufacturing back home to the United States.

The man, Darin Zoffoli, entered the cannabis industry with a purpose of helping his mom battle cancer. He was determined to make a device that would vaporize her Cannabinoid-based medicine. I happened to be standing right next to his mom as he spoke. She was exuberantly proud of her son and his vision.

Bringing that vision to life has been a challenging journey that often felt treacherous.
Given that Darin does not have a college degree, is not a trained engineer, designer, or machinist it was easy for established manufacturers to simply dismiss his vision and his designs as “impossible”. Manufacturing products from scratch; without funding and without experience is a rare story, indeed. Finding reliable, accountable people to help overcome “the impossible” lead to many frustrating dead-ends. Setback after setback brought extensive hardship to Darin and his family for the year that followed.

Unwavering dedication and persistence kept Darin working day and night on figuring out the software, refining and simplifying his designs, learning how to program and operate the machines, and then finally.. making parts. He amassed experience by doing it all himself.

Now, after the grueling year, his first masterpiece is complete. The most reliable portable vaporizer in the world. This elegant, mechanical device has no chips or wires and is built from 16 parts that can all be taken apart without the use of tools. It was created to last forever and you have the guarantee that it will.

Yet, this vaporizer is simply a launch of his vision to manufacture high quality, reliable products locally, creating thousands of well-paying jobs. Combining advanced machines, high grade materials, and simple design, new levels of quality standards will be set.

I envision this limitless man to someday join the list of The Men Who Built America. So far, the men on that list brought greatness to the United States through exploitation, fueled by greed. Darin’s goal is simply to bring the people an affordable abundance of the best products in conjunction with social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Darin understands that greed is unnecessary, as by doing business the right way there will be no shortage of the financial byproduct, profit. The sustainable manufacturing policy is not to let any byproducts go to waste, same applies to profit, which will be invested into creation of new opportunities for people and their local communities.

So what are Darin’s super powers?

Combining his determination with a highly tuned intuition and use of vivid visualization makes him unstoppable.

The key element of intuition is confidence in one self. By eliminating the fear of failure, Darin frees his mind from thoughts that are unnecessary distractions. He knows that in the worst case, if something fails, he will have to make an adjustment. Intuition is a muscle that you can train and fine-tune.

A lot of his success comes from within a visualization of the end result. By thinking of the product as already completed, he is then able to focus on developing the most efficient path to making it into a reality.

There will be a lot more to share about our world’s “Tony Stark”. My favorite part is, Darin does not know comics and does not know about Tony Stark.. he is simply Darin.

Darin’s journey will be a magnificent one, use it as an inspiration for yours.



May 9th is a very special day in the history of the world. It marked 70 years since the victory against the Nazis. The war was started by big oppressive egos who took advantage of people’s hardships. Manipulating a feeling of superiority for the purpose of uniting hate.

This war required heroes to join forces and sacrifice their lives. I am proud to say three of my grandparents were such heroes. Semyon and Liliya’s front-line serendipitous love-story is worthy of a novel. Semyon fully lost his leg, becoming an amputate 23 days before the end of the war. Yafim was wounded on two occasions, with one piece of shrapnel wedged near his heart all his life. Their stories of hardships have always put in perspective true meaning of sacrifice and perseverance. Liliya took care of Semyon and they raised my mother and her sister to be the top students in the USSR, as he became one of the most respected and admired community leaders and educators in his city. Yafim went on to live a modest, working life with a hobby developing and building innovative wind turbine models which he struggled to patent in the USSR. He and and his wife Sofa raised my father to be one of the most well-rounded people that I know.

Grandma Liliya is my last remaining link to that war. Unfortunately age has taken it’s toll and being unable to open her eyes, she lives in a seemingly permanent dream-state. Several days ago, I was able to bring her back to life to ask her a few more questions about what inspired her and Semyon during their battle against Fascism and in life under USSR’s attempt at Communism. Her response was priceless:

“What things are called don’t matter. People deserve to live in a free world where they can make their own decisions. People should love each other and do acts of kindness for each other. Everyone deserves to be happy.”


The world will see many more devastating wars. People who come to power based on greed and ego will continue to manipulate and cause damage to the planet and to countless human lives. Yet, no matter the circumstances, the human spirit of love and freedom will never be broken. There will always be heroes who live and fight for that cause.

Cannabis — My Exit Drug

For almost 15 years I was taking anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications. Taking Gabapentin 4 times per day and Paxil once per day, I consumed roughly 30 pounds of these perception medications over the years. Skipping a dose felt as if I drank 5 RedBulls or that all hope is lost. Neither anxiety nor depression have been easy to control, given the circumstances and risk-filled path that I have chosen to take in my journey of life.
Exactly one year ago, while embedded with a Medical Marijuana Radio Station in Denver for a week, I was exposed to countless heartfelt stories of Cannabis saving people’s lives. I felt empowered to do what previously felt impossible.. I stopped the prescription medications. I replaced my dependence on these prescription drugs with a moderate yet constant intake of Cannabis and meditation.
Now, a year later, I am proud to let go of my dependence on Cannabis. I am enjoying life without the help of THC.
In the near future, there will be abundant availability of non-psychoactive Cannabinoids and they will be a part of healthy nutrition rather than a drug. Until then, my Cannabis intake is reserved for responsible use on special occasions.
Cannabis prohibitionists have long labeled Cannabis as a gateway drug. I am happy to prove that Cannabis is an exit drug.


At Magic Within, we believe there is magic within each of us. Our purpose is to energize the talent and creativity within you. We know that by facilitating creativity we will help foster innovation and advancements that will improve people’s lives and benefit our planet. We must work together to reach new levels of global progress in our complex world. It is our goal to bring to life products and services that exemplify the benefits of collective co-operation.

You need to know that Everything Is Possible. You need to know that you have an ability to create a masterpiece. Whether it is a work of art, a resonating rhythm, a special sauce or a clever invention. You can make it into a reality!

Our aim with this blog is to share enlightening information that strives to help you attain happiness, health and success. We will delve into upcoming technologies that will truly enhance lives and improve our environment. We will be covering the latest research on the ever-expanding medicinal values of Cannabis and paradigm shifting Hemp. We will showcase art, music, style, recipes, events, and everything else that makes us appreciate the full experience of life.

We welcome you to our community as you and all who work with us are a part of our extended family. We are all unique, yet we are all interconnected.

We look forward to your involvement. Share your thoughts, ask questions, feel at home.

Let’s do what has never been done.

Let’s Make Magic Together.