Launch of GreenBuilt HempHome: Tiny+ Kickstarter Campaign

It brings us great honor to announce the launch of this world changing campaign.

HempHome: Tiny+ is the next step in the evolution of how we live. Made out of Hempcrete, a mixture of Hemp and Lime, this home has special properties which improve our health and comfort, while having a positive impact on our planet.


Made from a plant and powered by the sun, this home will give individuals, families and communities Freedom from external powers: Independence – consistent with what the Founding Fathers envisioned.

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This project will shed light on Hemp, one of the fastest growing plants on earth with countless uses. As the senseless Hemp prohibition comes to an end, this simple crop becomes a lucrative option for farmers struggling to make ends meet. Abandoned factories will have new life as processing facilities, creating quality jobs. With more rural opportunities, prosperity will return to Main Streets across the country, improving lives and the overall economy.


This 700 square-feet home is a start of a very big idea.

Be a part of this change! Help us raise funding and spread the word.

Make Tiny Big!

GreenBuilt HempHome: Tiny+ Kickstarter Campaign